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In Tulum there are nine tourist zones whose purpose is to promote sustainable tourism as a factor of economic growth, equity and sustainable development in the Mayan Caribbean of Tulum.

They are geographic areas that group tangible and intangible assets that determine the tourist experience and represent the natural and cultural heritage of Tulum as a magical destination.

Tulum Archeology

Riviera Tulum

Tulum Downtown

Coba Archeology

Artisan Villages

Tulum Beach

Mayan Villages

Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve

Kaan Luum

In recent years Tulum has become the place to go for boho vibes, pristine beaches, delicious and health-focused food, yoga and a very relaxed party scene.


The Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport (Tulum) will initially have the capacity to handle 5.5 million passengers (75% are expected to be foreigners) and up to 32,000 annual operations.
(Source: El Universal)

Tulum attracts visitors from all over the world, which creates a great demand for real estate in the city.
(Source: CNN)

Tulum has a unique lifestyle. It is a city known for its beautiful beaches, relaxed atmosphere and international community, which makes it attractive to investors.
(Source: The Economist)

Tulum is a growing tourist destination, and the number of visitors is expected to increase in the coming years.
(Source: FITUR)

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Why invest in Tulum?

An increase in the supply of rental properties through mobile applications such as Airbnb has been observed. In 2021, 6,934 available accommodations were registered compared to 4,838 in 2020.

According to a study conducted by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), the average value of the property in Tulum increased by 20% in the last five years. This growth is much faster than the than the national average, which was 7% during the same period.

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We want to share with you our philosophy and the way we change the structure of real estate in Tulum. At Zepto we work with a team united by a shared passion: to redefine how we imagine cities and our way of living in them, prioritizing the development of conscious and responsible projects with the nature of Tulum.

Each person in our group is a thinker, creator and dreamer who takes pride in turning their ideas into tangible projects. Together with our designers, architects, engineers and stakeholders in the real estate world, business intelligence and investment funds, we share the desire to change the paradigm of real estate to contribute to a greater cause: to build responsibly and create spaces that last over time. In this text we share with you more about our way of carrying out projects.

Conscious and committed to leaving a legacy

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Our mission is to create projects that are models of sustainability, driven by renewable resources and design innovation. Every project we complete is a step toward creating a healthy environment for generations to come.

We design and capitalize on the new green-luxury

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At Zepto, we are passionate about creating a new standard in the real estate industry. We focus on constant innovation, visionary design and the creation of projects that not only reflect luxury, but are also environmentally responsible. With each of our developments, we forge a path toward luxury that respects nature and lays the foundation for a more conscious future.

Architecture in Harmony with Nature

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Every project we undertake is a reflection of our commitment to biodiversity and the use of renewable resources. We create spaces that are not only functional and beautiful, but also regenerative ecosystems that promote a harmonious coexistence between people and the nature that surrounds us.

Innovation at Every Step

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At Zepto, we don't just think about the future, we create it. Our innovative approach to building scalable urban developments reflects our commitment to connecting technology, nature and community. Every project we undertake is a step forward, forging a structure that goes beyond the physical and creates experiences that transform the lives of those who experience them.

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